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Right now I want to write about the courage of the human spirit. In particular, the spirit locked within the adolescent breast of my thirteen-year-old son.

Right now I want to write about his witness, about his goodness, about his compassion.

Last night my son stepped into the icy waters of an ice-rimed Ohio lake, in an attempt to save a soul. As gray eyes locked with brown, he watched the light dim from the frightened orbs of another being, yet continued to fight to bring the dying form to shore.

Gently he laid the still body upon frost-covered ground, his heart filled with love for the hapless soul who had minutes earlier breathed in the chill snow-scented air of Central Ohio. Then my son wept.

To some it would have seemed trivial, even comical, and they would have laughed. They would have ridiculed someone who would step into frigid waters to save a wild animal, who would have fought to save a nothing – a pest; who would have struggled to save a rabbit that had just happened to get in the way of a dog bred to the chase…but not my son. He stayed with the tiny animal until someone could come to remove him. Gently stroking the wet fur, my son prayed to Creator to accept His child into His arms. Then my son came home to me, his mother, and wept some more.

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Best Selling Baby Boomer Author, Debra Shiveley Welch is a writer to be reckoned with in the literary world! In just a few short months, her book Son of My Soul: The Adoption of Christopher jumped all the way to the Top 20 on Amazon.com.

In a recent review by MidWest Books, senior reviewer Shirley Johnson wrote:

“I believe it is true that God anoints the pen of some writers to bring forth words from their heart to those with a specific need. In my opinion, author Debra Shiveley Welch has the anointing of the Lord upon her words in her newest work, Son of My Soul – The Adoption of Christopher, as she tells the story of her adoption of her beloved son, Christopher … Her story and Christopher’s is one you will treasure and remember in your heart for a long time to come…One that will bring a tear and a smile. A story of horror, pain, and rejection that is replaced with courage, hope, faith, love and victory. This is a book every adoptive parent should read, and every person who has a child of their heart, for in this read you will find the true meaning of love.”

Order at: Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Sagabooks.net or www.debrashiveleywelch.net.”

Beverly Mahone, Founder – Baby Boomer Divas Wall of Fame


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I am Your Mirror
I am your mirror.  When you look into my eyes,
you see how beautiful you are.
When you enter a room, my heart lifts up to meet you;
a smile of greeting lights me up from within.
I am your mirror.  When you look into my eyes,
you see love, as my soul embraces yours,
revealing to you just how wonderful you are:
my friend, my heart, my son.
Excerpt from Son of My Soul – The Adoption of Christopher
Like most of us, I am sure you have experienced the chance meeting on the street, or in a store, of someone that you have not seen for a long time.  You recognize them, call their name, and they turn to see who has called.  It is then, when they realize who you are, that you decide if you are happy or sorry that you reached out to them.  It’s in their face; their face is your mirror.
What do you see in their reaction?  Is it happy excitement, or is it that “Oh, no, not them” look?  Does it make you feel good about yourself, or do you feel humiliated, embarrassed and sorry you didn’t just pass by without saying a word?
Now, imagine your child entering a room.  When you turn to greet them, what does he or she see in you, their mirror?

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